APPEAL from Yreca
Artic Region Sweden

We have development orientation aids for people with impaired vision since 1990. We have provide the development of new products by sale  our products. Under those years we got lot of knowledge about orientation aids. Now we have several new  ideas to really new products for person  with impaired vision , to guide dogs for the blind, and for blind-death. To realise those ideas we need support.
Every day, a thousand more people will start to lose their sight. Although we might not want to think about it, most of us completely underestimate the chances of losing our sight. The majority of people over 60 have sight problems, so most of us get impaired vision when we got older. By donation to Yreca you can really make a real difference to people’s life. Beacons from Yreca made everyday life better with increased feeling of security. You can get lost, but sounds from the beacon will always give you a direction back home..
You can see our products  and read my comments  We really appreciate your support. You can make a donation: By sending cheque/ cash/ postal order or charity voucher, to Yreca Lammivaara 95792 Overtornea Sweden
or to our bank account

Thank you very must for you support
Gosta Lejon

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