Beacons from Yreca


Simple to set up and mount. They are prepared for mounting on the wall or a pole.

Standard battery as power source. Very low power consumption. For example, our model 521 operates for about 500 days on four D-size (LR20) batteries.

Nevertheless, we advise battery change once every year. This means very easy maintenance for users. Model 531 needs a battery change every 2 years.


The sound guide system includes a small radio transmitter and receiver. The transmitter can activate the receiver (called the beacon) when the partially sighted person needs direction. Receivers are temporary or permanently fixed close to the object to which the user wants guidance. In some models the receiver, which is activated by the transmitter, transmits an adjustable signal or playback of recorded speech. Talking models can be more functional for children and elderly persons or persons who wants confirmation of the answering receiver.


Gain is adjustable to suitable sound level. Some of our models have very high volume and can be heard from a longer distance. 


Tone control is adjustable between 300 – 1,200 Hertz. This control is mainly for visually disabled people who have a hearing defect owing to earlier harmful noise. The tone is not harmonious so the echoes are not identical to receiver’s tone.


Tone length is adjustable .We need given time to take the bearings to a sound source. For example, one riffle shot does not sound long enough to enable a decision on the direction to the riffle. The time we need is individual and it is also dependent on receiver's location. A constant fire alarm signal inside the room is very hard to locate because the echoes from the signal source fill the room with sound. Outside it is important that the sounds from receiver can be heard above background noise. To locate the signal is not essential in the case of a loud sound, more important are the tone frequency and characteristics of the tone. In the same way, a bird has developed its very own tone characteristic at its most audible range.


The Pause length or silence between tones is adjustable, and should be adjusted to the difficulty of the route is. The general rule is, complicated route - short pause length.


The Timer is adjustable and gives preset time how long time receiver is activated. The receiver has a memory and if it activates again immediately after off state the next period will be shorter. The receiver assumes that the user is already almost at the endpoint.


The Stop function makes enables setting the receiver to the off state by once more pushing the activate key on the transmitter.


The Channel selector is easily placed on underside, top or inside the receiver, exactly as other controls. This is of benefit to the user and who loans the aids. The user can personally select the channel and the loaner doesn’t need to check the receiver channels, if they are mixed, which easily happens if the receiver has fixed channels.


The Signal Beacon is a special receiver which is directly controlled from the transmitter. This means that the receiver sounds with on-off tune as long as the activate key is pressed down on the transmitter. This receiver is primarily constructed to using with other receivers. A mixture of two sound sources makes determining the actual position uncomplicated.


The Talking Beacon from Yreca is designed mainly for when one needs both guidance and information about the target. Inside buildings with many rooms or especially in unexpected sight difficulties and perhaps if one likes to receive notification that the correct receiver is activated. Talking receivers are also excellent aids for activating children, because the receiver can replay different sounds; talking, singing, bird or animal sounds. New sounds are very easy to record.


The Combination Beacon has both the tone and the speech function. When the user pushes the activating key the tone signal is turned on and if user pushes the same key again, the tone signal ends and recorded message starts. This is an excellent device if one needs both the guidance tone and spoken information.


The Pocket Beacon is also radio controlled and has rechargeable batteries. This is also our smallest model of receiver. It is easy to carry and always ready to use if you want to mark the location of your belongings or want to be sure of your way back to the starting point when walking outdoors. This one is a must if one wants to take longer tours in the environment, visit neighbours or do some other activities where one wants to find something special. Although this receiver is lightweight, it has about 200 hours operating time in standby mode before the battery needs re-charging. The pocket receiver has a built-in automatic battery charger, which means that the charger automatically goes to the trickle charge state when the battery is fully charge.


Sound Guide System – Horse riding Beacon is a fully automatic orientation system with several units. The user starts the first beacon with a small radio transmitter, and then the system works automatically. The beacons guide the user with the signals from place to place. The beacon senses when a horse is passing the beacon. This unit then starts the next unit and shuts itself down and so forth, so the horse rider can follow the sound around the whole track. This system is very practical when partially-sighted persons want to join in different kind of sport activities, such as horse riding, slalom, a canoeing trip, bicycling, running, swimming and so on.

Gösta Lejon